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Peninsula Community Health Services Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Residency Program

Peninsula Community Health Services is proud to continue our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Residency Program. As part of our ongoing commitment to our community, we continue to look to the future and meet the growing needs of our patients by providing robust integrated care that focuses on whole patient care for improved patient outcomes.

To expand access to high-quality care in a way that meets each patient’s individual needs, PCHS has adopted a new model of team-based, collaborative, and integrated care in which behavioral health clinicians, primary care providers, pharmacists, and dentists all work closely together, and often seated together in the same area. PCHS is committed to providing effective and efficient behavioral health care in the primary care setting. Our new Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Residency Training Program will provide comprehensive training in delivering evidenced-based care in the field of mental health and substance use disorders to uninsured and underserved populations under this Collaborative and Patient-Centered Medical Home Model. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Residency Training Program will provide the new psychiatric nurse practitioner an experience working with diverse population of patients with assorted conditions. Experienced providers will work side-by-side with residents as they treat patients in the various outpatient health care settings at PCHS. Program staff will support residents in advancing their skills in delivering behavioral health care specific to the needs of the individual patients.

Program Structure

The residency is divided into two main components: the first year the resident will be actively mentored by experienced psychiatric nurse practitioners and the second year the resident will practice independently with their own panel under guidance of preceptors.