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Pharmacy Services

Reliable Access to the Medication You Need in Kitsap, Mason & Pierce County

For reliable access to the medication you need, you can count on our pharmacy team. There are many reasons to use PCHS pharmacies, including easy onsite accessibility and the benefit of having close interactions between your pharmacist and your healthcare provider.

Our knowledgeable pharmacy staff is available at 6 of our clinics (Bremerton 6th Street, Bremerton Clare Ave, Port Orchard, Poulsbo, Belfair and Key Peninsula) to make your prescriptions more accessible when you visit your PCHS healthcare provider. Our dentists at Sixth Street Bremerton, Clare, Belfair and Key Peninsula have direct access to our onsite pharmacy as well.

You can call any of our pharmacies directly with low wait times:

** you can also call the main PCHS phone line but wait times may be longer

You can use the PCHS ePharmacy Portal to conveniently manage medications for you and your family, including:

  • Check your RX Order Status or History

  • Easily transfer prescriptions between our 6 pharmacy locations

  • Check Drug Interactions

  • Print your Medical Expense Report

Use the link above to create your profile and start requesting your medications over the internet today! If you have any questions, call us at (360) 377-3776.

Pharmacy Hours

  • Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Closed for lunch from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm

  • Closed weekends and holidays

Affordable Medications

With the cost of healthcare increasing, PCHS pharmacies are dedicated to helping our patients make prescriptions costs more affordable through:

  • Access to the federal government’s 340B program of low-cost medications

  • Discounted pricing by using the PCHS Sliding Scale

  • Optimizing 90 day supplies if able

  • Recommending alternative medications that may be more affordable

  • Timing your prescriptions so you have less trips to the pharmacy

Ask our pharmacy team how we can help to lower your medication cost!

PCHS pharmacies access the 340b program to receive discounted medications for our patients. Due to this, we can only fill for patients who are actively receiving care at PCHS. We can fill prescriptions written by PCHS providers and your specialist providers (in most cases) to help reduce the cost of medicines for our patients.

Please ask our Pharmacy staff if you have any questions about your prescription pricing.

Navigating the Refill Process

Though we try to make filling out your prescription as painless and easy as possible at our pharmacies, navigating the pharmacy refill system can be challenging at times.

Here are some tips for making this process easier for you:

  • Keep track of when you are getting low on your medications – consider marking it on the calendar.

  • Call the filling pharmacy directly to request your medications

    • Call when you have 3-5 days of medication left in your bottle. Most systems ask for 48 business hours to respond to refill requests.

    • If it is a medication that is limited by your provider, do not request it more than 5 days before you are out.

    • If you call on the day that you are out, you can ask your filling pharmacy to loan you 3 days to last until your meds are approved.

  • Know which medications you need to refill. For your safety, you should ask for each specific medication instead of “all” or “the blood pressure one”, to make sure you get the correct medication refilled.

Medication Safety is Priority

Each prescription that comes through PCHS pharmacies gets a thorough check for drug and disease interactions, dosing safety, therapy length, and, if needed, a phone call or direct meeting with your PCHS provider to make sure everything is correct and safe for you.

Each of our onsite pharmacies has secure medication disposal boxes conveniently located for the safe destruction of your unused medications. Medications disposed of this way to go an incinerator, so all information is confidential, and the drugs stay out of our soil and water supply. Ask our Pharmacy Team if you have questions about safe medication disposal.

Further questions? Not a problem! Call us at (360) 377-3776 to speak to a member of our team.