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Volunteering at PCHS

Welcome to the volunteer page!

PCHS is a community-based healthcare organization, here to serve and help our neighbors achieve better health. Our committed staff could use your help if you are looking for a volunteer opportunity. Sometimes we forget that helping others can make us feel good. And we believe volunteering with PCHS means supporting a worthwhile cause. Bring us your know-how and/or come learn something new. Get to know us better and the community you live in.

Complete the volunteer form and we will be in touch to let you know about the possibilities we have for you.

Community Leadership in Healthcare

Did you know that our Board of Directors all serve as volunteers? Members live and work in our diverse communities. We welcome applications for membership on our Board of Directors at any time, particularly from our patients. Some of the work of our Board is done through committees which is another valued way to volunteer with us. Complete the board membership application for a board membership position or the general volunteer application for a board committee position.

Contact us today at 360-377-3776 with any questions.