Quick Response Team (QRT)


The Quick Response Team (QRT) provides support to Mason County and instills hope about recovery by breaking down barriers for access to services for people struggling with substance use disorders. The team bridges the gap through prevention, education, and awareness of the impact of the opioid crisis within the community.


The Team

The “Quick Response Team” consists of Peninsula Community Health Services’ employees, including: two Substance Use Disorder professionals and a Community Health worker. PCHS is in partnership with the Mason County Fire Department and other Public Health agents who identify an overdose or opportunity for help.



To establish standardized guidelines to enhance the Public Safety response to the community’s safety needs throughout Mason County. QRT services the Belfair and Shelton communities.

To establish standardized methods throughout the community for implementing partnerships of Fire/EMS, Law Enforcement, and PCHS to engage in proactive patrols to intervene in the number of overdoses, deaths, and access to treatment.


Mobile QRT Rotation Schedule


Hours of operations are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you are needing after hours service please contact PCHS at (360) 377-3776 or call your local fire station for non-emergency 360-426-5523. For all medical emergency please call 911.

Health Care Services

This clinic offers the following services: