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Flu Shots Are Here!

Why should I get my flu vaccine and when should I get it??

This is a question that healthcare providers get asked all of the time. With flu season approaching and pharmacies and doctors offices getting the vaccine in, you might be wondering when or if you should get vaccinated. The answer to those questions is YES you should get your flu shot and as soon as your doctor or pharmacy has the vaccine in.

The CDC now recommends getting your vaccine as soon as you can because it takes about two weeks to build up immunity to the flu and with new manufacturing, the vaccine lasts for about a year. Since our region is different from the rest of the country with regards to when the flu season starts to get strong, the local health department in our county does recommend waiting until the beginning of October to get your flu shot so that your immunity is strongest when our flu season is the worst, so get one soon. Some people are at a higher risk for getting the flu and getting severe complications from it like pneumonia. This group of people at higher risk includes, people who have certain medical conditions (asthma, diabetes, chronic lung disease, etc), pregnant women, people 65 years and older, and people that live in households with those populations listed above.

Take home message though is to GET YOUR FLU SHOT and stay healthy this flu season.