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A Quick Guide on Reading Your Doctors Prescription

A Quick Guide on Reading Your Doctors Prescription

Navigating the Refill Process

Though we try to make filling out your prescription as painless and easy as possible at our pharmacies, navigating the pharmacy refill system can be challenging at times. If you get lost, our pharmacy team can consult with your provider directly if we encounter any problems.

Here are some tips for making this process easier for you:

  • Keep track of when you are getting low on your medications – consider marking it on the calendar.
  • Call the filling pharmacy to request your medications with at least 3 days of medication left in your bottle.
    • Most systems ask for 48 business hours to respond to refill requests.
    • If it is a medication that is limited by your provider, do not request it more than 5 days before you are out.
  • If you call on the day that you are out, your filling pharmacy may be able to loan you 3 days to last until your meds are approved.
  • Insurances will often limit your refill to be paid for 3-7 days before your next refill is due.

Further questions? Not a problem! Call us at (360) 377-3776  to speak to a member of our team.

Always Follow the Instructions On Your Prescription

This might seem like common sense, but we need to stress the importance of following your prescription instructions to the letter.

Even if you’re feeling better, you should not discontinue your medication before the number of days indicated on your prescription unless advised by your healthcare provider.

Also, do not adjust your dose because you feel that the medication isn’t strong enough, or you’ve done this before with no harm. Some medications can have toxicities that build over time; our pharmacists work with your provider to make sure your doses are safe for you.

Typically, your prescription will have the following pieces of information:

  • Your name
  • Your medication dose
  • How often you need to take your medication
  • When to take it
  • Specific instructions on how to take it (ex, with water, topically, by mouth, etc)

Always confirm your prescription details with your healthcare provider and your pharmacist to ensure that you are taking the right prescription for your needs.

Always Ask Your Health Care Provider to Explain Your Prescription

It’s important to understand why you are taking your medications and how best to take them for your safety.

Pharmacists and your health care providers are here to help you with improving and maintaining your health. That includes making you feel safe and comfortable in using your prescription.

Please spend the extra time to contact your Kitsap County pharmacist or provider about your prescription if you have questions or don’t understand it. If you are at home and forget your prescription instructions, do not hesitate to call your pharmacy and ask how to take your prescription.