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Sarah Rebert, Dental Program Director

About Sarah Rebert

Sarah Rebert has been working for PCHS for 13 years, and began her career as a registered dental assistant, demonstrating expertise and dedication. Her journey within the organization saw her transition seamlessly from a receptionist role to being promoted as the clinic coordinator, a testament to her exceptional skills and leadership qualities.

In her current capacity, Sarah oversees the day-to-day operations of our dental programs with our COO. Shouldering diverse responsibilities that ensure smooth functioning. Her duties encompass staffing management, generating reports, handling billing tasks, and adeptly covering both front and back-office operations. Additionally, she meticulously maintains dental equipment, logs essential for various quality measures, and conducts training sessions for staff. Sarah's role also entails managing inventory and addressing patient inquiries and concerns with professionalism and care.

Outside her primary responsibilities, Sarah is deeply engaged in community service and professional development initiatives. She serves on the Health Advisory Committee and collaborates with Kitsap Community Resources by participating in OHI Head Start classes. Furthermore, her involvement in the ABCD Steering Committee with United Way reflects her commitment to broader community welfare. Through her multifaceted contributions, Sarah Rebert epitomizes professionalism, leadership, and a steadfast commitment to enhancing dental healthcare and community well-being.