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Kathleen Maier, Pharmacy Business Coordinator

About Kathleen Maier

Kathleen Maier is a seasoned pharmacy professional with a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical care and administrative management. With a meticulous attention to detail and a passion for providing exceptional patient service, Kathleen has honed her skills across various aspects of pharmacy operations.

Her expertise includes proficiently answering patients' inquiries and addressing medication concerns, ensuring clarity and understanding throughout the treatment process. Kathleen excels in maintaining accurate documentation of patients' drug therapy plans and pharmacy care, ensuring seamless continuity of care. Kathleen is also recognized for her leadership abilities, having trained and mentored new pharmacy technicians to uphold high standards of customer service and operational excellence. Her exceptional organizational skills are evident in her ability to efficiently manage multiple tasks while maintaining a strong focus on patient care.

Currently serving as a Pharmacy Business Coordinator at Peninsula Community Health Services in Bremerton, WA, Kathleen oversees prescription processing, inventory maintenance, and customer service operations. She is also actively involved in financial management, insurance billing, and medication prior authorization procedures, ensuring regulatory compliance and optimal patient outcomes.