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School Based Health Center | North Mason School District

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PCHS has partnered with North Mason School District to bring a school based health center (SBHC) on their consolidated campus that is available to all students within the district, regardless of which school students attend. Students’ family members and school district staff can also be seen at the SBHC.

What is a school based health center (SBHC)?
A SBHC is a full-service primary care and behavioral health clinic that is located on a school campus. SBHCs provide a crucial link between health and education, improving outcomes for students in both areas. Some children and families may not have easy access to medical or behavioral health care due to challenges presented by transportation, time, lack of insurance or financial resources, or limited knowledge of health care needs. Embedding SBHCs into schools improves access for students and families.

What services do SBHCs offer?
The SBHC will offer health care services similar to those received at any provider’s office, including referrals to specialists. Services may include but are not limited to the following:
• Care for acute health conditions and injuries such as ear infections, sprained ankles, etc.
• Care for common health conditions such as asthma and diabetes
• Preventive care such as well child exams and sports physicals
• Tobacco and drug use prevention and treatment
• Behavioral health care in the form of treatment, counseling, or referrals for depression/anxiety, bullying, family conflict, or peer pressure

What are the benefits of SBHC?
SBHCs offer maximum flexibility for parents and choices about their child’s care: Parents may come onsite to be seen with their child, may attend the visit virtually or by phone, or may sign a consent form that allows their child to be seen by themselves so that parents do not need to leave work. Parents will be informed of visits and outcomes except when students have independently consented to legally protected confidential care. In general, students may only be seen with parental consent. However, Washington law permits minors to independently consent for some services (i.e. emergency medical services, outpatient mental health and substance use treatment, etc.).

SBHCs also benefit students and schools. Research demonstrates that students who use SBHC services may see improvements with attendance and grade point averages. Schools benefit because students are likely to spend more time in the classroom.

How do students and families sign up for services?
Registration for the SBHC is open throughout the year. Services are available during the school year, may be available during school and summer breaks, and are available year-round at all PCHS clinic locations. Appointments may be requested by walking in before and after school, as well as by following school-established processes during school hours.

With youth-focused health education and services available at school, more students are likely to stay healthy, feel supported, be in class ready to learn, and graduate.
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School Based Health Center | North Mason School District

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