Definition of Whistle-Blowing:

Whistle-blowing refers to disclosure by employees regarding illegal, immoral, abusive, or illegitimate practices in their workplace that violates the law or endangers the welfare of others.

At PCHS, we strive to provide the highest quality service we can to our patients. That includes making sure that we foster an environment where all employees are held accountable for their actions, thereby improving performance and empowering employees.

PCHS has a Whistle-blowing program in order for employees to safely and anonymously report ethical and legal violations to management.

When to Blow the Whistle

  • When someone in your organization is pursuing an action that you believe is illegal or ethically wrong.
  • When you believe a practice, product or policy seriously threatens patient care, employees and possibly the public.

Examples of Illegal or Unethical Behavior

  • Stealing, accepting bribes and kickbacks
  • Use of position for personal benefit
  • Waste of organizational assets
  • Safety problems including unsafe or non-compliant products
  • Fraud, corruption, cover-ups
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Illegal Discrimination
  • Violation of Laws
  • Billing/Insurance Fraud

How to Blow the Whistle

If you are an employee, there are three ways to report violations to PCHS:

You can report an incident of noncompliance to one of the following reporting levels:

  • Supervisor
  • Senior Leader
  • Administrative Services Director
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Board of Directors

You can call the Whistle Blower Hotline: (360) 475-3733 or Ext. 4406

The hotline is available when employees feel their concerns cannot be communicated through normal channels. All calls are confidential and anonymous.

You can fill out the Whistle Blower Form below

The form is anonymous unless you choose to disclose your identity to help with the investigation.

Remember Policy 707:

Members of our workforce and contracted personnel have a right to report in good faith, information concerning alleged improper patient care or illegal actions to PCHS management or to outside officials without fear of retaliation or discrimination.