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ReThink The Way We Drink

Dr. Mike Evans, a staff physician at St. Michael’s Hospital and an Associate Professor of Family Medicine, and a research team led by Dr. Katharine Bradley of Kaiser Permanente, put together this informative video about society’s views on alcohol and health.

Infectious Disease Spotlight on Happiness

Infectious Disease Spotlight on Happiness

A warm smile, a compliment, and positive energy infect every person you spread it to. As caregivers we work hard to infect all our patients with happiness even though many are coming in probably not feeling their best that day. Sometimes our patients turn the tables and infect us with their happiness by writing and submitting comments about their positive experiences at PCHS. Your positive comments are always shared with the person you wrote about and that person’s supervisor. Some exceptionally outstanding remarks are shared at staff meetings or posted on our web page. The time you take to tell us about your good experiences really boosts our moral and increases the level of happiness so we can continue to infect our patients more and more. It is a cycle! Thank you for being our patients and for bringing that baton back around to our staff to keep us going.