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Patient Voice

What’s this Patient Voice link all about?

It seems everywhere you go there is a survey to fill out whether it’s about your coffee, your grocery shopping experience, or even your visit to the doctor.  Why is every business so attracted to surveys?  Interestingly, surveys help tell businesses about their own strengths and weaknesses as perceived by YOU, the consumer.  The feedback indicates what improvements need to be made and where that really matters to the people already using that business.  A thriving organization must strategize to keep the customers it has as well as attract new ones.  Surveys are normally short and anonymous so the feedback pipeline gets more responses than simply an open invitation to comment in general about one’s experience.

In healthcare a positive patient experience seems to carry with it a little more depth and meaning than people’s ordinary experiences in the retail environment.  Research is teaching us that people who have a positive healthcare experience have better health outcomes.  It is not 100% clear yet why this happens.  It could be that having a good experience builds trust in the care recommended.  It could also be that a positive interaction with a doctor might increase a person’s likelihood to take the medication prescribed or to return for a follow up appointment.  Whatever the ingredients are behind the magic, we want to make your visit the best so we can carry out our mission of providing high quality care.

We just launched an electronic survey and linked it to our home page. The link is called “Patient Voice”.  There are two ways you can tell us how we are doing.  One way is through our anonymous, secure, patient experience survey and the other is securely through a simple open comment form.  The Quality department at PCHS directly receives this information. You can actually trust real live people are behind that firewall and we are very interested in what you have to tell us.